About Us

About Us

The starting point of everything we do is professionalism, as well as an understanding of the importance of reliability and flexibility in everyday property maintenance.

Reliable construction company, qualified for renovations

From the customer's point of view, it is definitely the most sensible and well-managed way to be able to order real estate maintenance and products in one place, which is the basis of our business. We are a comprehensive service to property owners and their agents. We are specialized in renovation, repair and prevention of water and moisture damage.

A-Kumppanit Ltd. carries out complex repairs and reconstruction projects according to an agreed schedule, fixed cost levels and quality. Experience, know-how, commitment to quality and environmental friendliness are the starting points for our operations. We operate in the Helsinki metropolitan area and throughout Uusimaa, office is located in Vantaa.

We work full time or on contract. We always make a written contract for the job, which guarantees the client the quality of the work and gives guarantees for the work done.
Our company has special skills in removing moisture and mold damages from premises. Our expertise is in methods to repair damages caused by weather conditions and the humidity and mold caused by deterioration of properties.
We prepare the work reports for humid premises repairs required by the Companies Act.
Repairs and reconstructions are done on a turnkey basis.
We can make repairs in complex spaces. We are responsible for ensuring that health, electrical and other specialized work is carried out as agreed.
Accounting and ensuring customer relationships are important to us.
As part of job management, internal and external, we repair business premises and homes, kindergartens and schools with our activities in mind so that no child is at risk.
Our partners complement our services: we use companies specialized in property drying and refurbishment.

We manufacture Finnish Novitrol 483. Novitrol is a ready-to-use cleaning solution for mold, it provides protection against mold, algae, bacteria and viruses. Ask more about Novitrol: myynti@akumppanit.fi

Contact us for inquiries:
+358 10 386 8700 (workdays 7:00 - 15:00)

Water damage emergency 24/7:
+358 40 517 0300

A-Kumppanit Oy
Sinikellonpolku 3E
FI-1300 Vantaa